Shogun Multiplayer

Electronic Arts has stopped support for this game. The official gameserver, originally hosted on Gamespy, was closed down in late 2003, early 2004. Since then, so called fake servers have been run by several persons of the community, mainly members of Totalwar.org
Currently the 7bear7 clan runs such a fake server.

A fakeserver can be reached by changing the content of the file "internet.cfg" in your main Shogun folder. You can open it with notepad.

The default entry of the original file is no longer useful since the IP address it provides is no longer reachable.

A current internet.cfg file, needed to reach the current fake server, can be obtained from the 7bear7 clan.
You can register for free at the clans forum at
and download the file from there.

The Newsserver daphne.eagames.co.uk is offline as well.

For fan-based support of Shogun:Total war, please refer to the forums of Totalwar.org.

Be advised that the community of people playing Shogun:Total War online is very small. Logging on to the server using the internet.cfg file is no guaranty to meet people. It is best to make appointments in the forum.

For questions concerning this site: mail to R'as al Ghul