There is an alternative for people to enjoy the gameplay of Shogun:Total War, even if they don't have the old version of the game.
There is a modification (mod) for Medieval:Total War, the second title of the Total War series, which basically converts (modifies) your game into Shogun:Total War.
This mod is called "Samurai Warlords".

The "Samurai Warlords" mod is hosted at and can be checked out in the "Samurai Warlords" subforum
Find the download link for the mod in this thread

Samurai Warlords beta_8 features:

Common features:
  1. completely self contained overwrite modification for vanilla Medieval:TW / Viking Invasion v2.01,
    that transforms your copy of Medieval:TW into a Shogun-style game.
    (Disclaimer: The original eras of Medieval won't work properly after install, How to make a second install of Medival:TW)
  2. Shogun-style frontend files
  3. frontend Music from Shogun:TW demo (only 1 file so far)
  4. automatic removal of all mtw/vi maps
  5. includes the Shogun:TW soundswapper by TosaInu
  6. Multiple language version support (all versions are changed to English)

Single player campaign features:

  1. Compete with 24 japanese Clans for the domination of the 60 provinces of Japan to gain the title of Shogun.
  2. Original Shogun:TW campaign map
  3. improved/changed clans' starting positions
  4. limited command stars for starting Generals and heroes
  5. limited command stars given by titles
  6. changed the mercenary attractor (to Teahouse) and limited the number of mercenaries
  7. added more historical samurai names
  8. Single player Battlemaps:

Single player campaign map:

Faction map

Multiplayer features:

  1. separated unit stats from single player
  2. near 30 clans to choose from
  3. separation of large and small maps in the map list
  4. new exclusive Multiplayer maps
  5. improved/ new animations for infantry and cavalry
  6. stable MP gameplay (with 8.1 patch)
Samurai Warlords

Known minor issues:

Requirements for install:

To install this mod you need a fresh unmodded version of Medieval:Total War + The Viking Invasion Add-On + The VI patch 2.01. (We've limited experience with the Eras and Gold versions of Medieval that also include Viking Invasion. They're supposed to be the same as the original MTW+VI Add-on. For Single Players these versions should work okay, but Multiplayers may have troubles with their CD-Keys not being recognised by Gamespy.)

How to install:


Download the installer and run it by double-clicking. (When asked for the install location (see image below), browse to your copy of Medieval:TW/VI that you intend to use.) Just follow the instructions until it says: "Medieval installation succesfully modified".

After the install you'll have two additional eras: 1. "Samurai Warlords" and 2. "Samurai Wars MP". You need to scroll down to see them. You'll have Vikings, Early, High, Late, Samurai Warlords and Samurai Wars MP.

Since the initial release of the beta_8 mod, some issues have been fixed in a patch called

Samurai Warlords patch 8.1.

patch 8.1 Features:

There are also some non required add-ons:

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